[SOLVED] Ionic2 crosswalk for iOS or WKWebView?

I successfully installed the Cordova crosswalk plugin for android in my Ionic2 project:

Now I’m a little bit confused. Do that plugin or another one offer the possibility to add crosswalk for iOS to a Ionic2 project? Or there is no crosswalk and I should add the support of WKWebView?

I found some informations about crosswalk like

and about WKWebView I found these plugins:

But it is still really unclear for me. Could someone give me some hints?

Hope the answer gonna be “yes” and “install that plugin” and “it’s compatible iOS 8 and 9” and “have fun” :wink:

Cheers and thx

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Ok so I tried WKWebView and I’m now facing some CORS problem, see:

Seems you have found your answer.

Yes, sorry, gonna mark that issue as solved.

For the record, here what I understood, hope it’s correct:

I figured out there is, at least right now, no “crosswalk” for iOS. One of the major purpose of crosswalk is to add a level between the app and the browser of the device to unify to behavior of the app over different kind of android device. This isn’t necessary on iOS device.

However, I read somewhere that there is a crosswalk support for iOS but these kind of app where at least right now, not accepted by the apple store.

On the other side, I also asked my self about iOS, because crosswalk enhance the performance of the app on android device. I figured out that this could be (maybe) achieved on iOS 8 and 9 device using the WKWebView (introduced in iOS8). I tried therefor the WKWebView cordova plugin and faced CORS problem, that’s why i opened a new task.

For the record, in Beta 12, the Ionic team anounced they gonna “come up with a way to take advantage of a faster WebView on iOS called WKWebView”