Why native google maps is removed?

I just want to know why native google maps is removed for ionic docs. Now how could we use native google maps in the app.

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This is the main contributor of the @ionic-native/google-maps (aka, the author of cordova-plugin-googlemaps)

The @ionic-native/google-maps moved out from the main repo to new repo, because of several reasons.

New document is here.


@wf9a5m75, will native google map come back to ionic in future?

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I hope it returns… or at least give us native mapbox.

The Google Maps JavaScript API works in both Hybrid Mobile Apps and PWAs.


For example:


Angular Google Maps looks awesome.

@jamesharvey @tonystark007

You misunderstand. The @ionic-native/google-maps is still member of the @ionic-native family.
But the repository is separated.
Because of this, the document is not generated automatically, thus you can not see the name in the list.

You can use @ionic-native/google-maps as well as you do before.
I guarantee the behavior to work with the latest @ionic-native/core.

JS API is slow on native app, and it does not work in offline.


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You can’t use Ionic to build Native Apps.

You can use Ionic to build Hybrid Mobile Apps (i.e., an app that uses Cordova plugins) and Progressive Web Apps (i.e., an app that doesn’t use Cordova plugins).

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I believe all ionic users know about that without gentle guide.


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Does this Google maps plugin support capacitor?

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I hope it does… Capacitor beta is nearly here.
I want to migrate my projects to capacitor…

No plan for support the capacitor.

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Capacitor has a cordova plugin layer… and they’re planning ionic native support.
Please help us using google maps native on capacitor.

The Capacitor team says “the cordova plugin layer does not guarantee the compatibility with actual Cordova, including installation”.
I talked with the team couple of times, but they won’t fix the installation problem. So I won’t support until they fix it.

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Too bad. Capacitor and Ionic 4 seem to be much faster than Cordova with Ionic 3.

The Capacitor is even stable version, it’s still beta version.
I don’t want to be at the mercy of the troubles, such as internal implementation changed suddenly.

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Agreed. Let’s wait and see what happens in the next few months.

because …