Removing google map native from ionic

what is this??? suddenly you deleted google map plugin from ionic web site??? why?? what can I do now?
it was in this address now it is gone!!! in middle of my project delivering???

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See What about google maps?

Well, the ionic-native/google-map is still member of the @ionic-native/google-maps.

But the repository is moved out from the main repository.
That’s why the document page is gone.
(I also surprised today)

I created new documents at here.

Ok, I installed this but this part is not working:
        .then((location: MyLocation) => {
          //console.log(JSON.stringify(location, null, 2));

          // Move the map camera to the location with animation
            target: location.latLng,
            zoom: 17,
            tilt: 30
          }).then(() => {
            // add a marker
            this.locationlatlng = location.latLng;
              title: '@ionic-native/google-maps plugin!',
              snippet: location.latLng.toString(),
              position: location.latLng,
              animation: GoogleMapsAnimation.BOUNCE

and i mean it, it doesn’t even push any errors!
why??? it doesn’t even show the console logs!

Since I can’t see your code overall, it’s not enough information, but this plugin does NOT support the browser platform.
You need to execute on actual device or emulator(simulator).

And also did you install this plugin?

Even you can’t solve your problem by yourself, please share your project files on Github or other git repository services.