Why is WKWebview not the #1 Ionic2 Priority?

I just read your post on the blog: http://blog.ionic.io/cordova-ios-performance-improvements-drop-in-speed-with-wkwebview/

I decided to branch our Ionic 2 app and install the WKWebview plugin to see if it made a significant improvement…

Average Memory Use went from 150mb to 14.1mb!
CPU usage cut in half.
The app bootstraps in about 2/3 the time.
Animations are noticeably improved, easily perceivable.

IMHO, this plugin as a default part of the Ionic Framework should be the #1 priority for your Ionic 2 Betas and RCs, yet the only way I found out about it was through a blog post…

what gives?



Thats soo good to hear! Glad to see that it has made such and improvement to your app.

Totally agree, and in fact, that is the plan! We’re using this as a way to test out our changes to the plugin in order to contribute it back to main cordova repo. Then, once any issues are worked out, we can give it back and make this a default for all apps :smile:

Oh it is! We have a dedicated developer working on the plugin and make sure that any/all issues are addressed. We want this as much as you do, but if we rush it and give you half-baked plugin, things might not work out so well.

Like everything we do, we’re taking our time and making it’s the highest quality it can be before making it default.


@mfender How would you install this on windows? If using ionic package?

This plugin only applies to iOS apps, not Windows apps. The instructions for installation are linked in the blog post.

Glad to hear, Mike! I guess I thought it wasn’t high priority because it isn’t listed under the Issues in your Beta.12 milestone. Thank you for the explanation.

@mfender, I understand that. But with tools such as ionic package and phonegap build, you can develop for any platform on a windows and still build for ios. That’s what i’m getting at.

I installed this but I noticed that auto focusing inputs on IOS breaks with this plugin, so had to uninstall :frowning:

[quote=“texasman03, post:7, topic:61481”]
I installed this but I noticed that auto focusing inputs on IOS breaks with this plugin[/quote]

Please file an according issue here