iPhone 7 and incredible ionic 2 performance

Hello everyone,

Friday we got our new iPhones 7 in the office. Today i have tried our ionic 2 apps on the new phones.
The performance is incredible. The boot time of an large app is 1-2 seconds and everything else is super smooth (page transitions)
Here is a short (shaky) video of one of our larger app:

Im very exciting for the next beta/RC :slight_smile:


How is the performance compared to older iPhone?

compared to my old iphone 6 plus the app is three times faster (subjective not benchmarked)

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Sweet :wink:

Do you use UIWebview or WkWebview?

We use WkWebview (ionic wkwebview plugin)

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i thought WkWebview was default, do we have to set it up separately?

@hackfrag may I ask you, is your boot time specially fast (1-2 sec) on iPhone7 only or did you achieve to have a fast boot on other devices too?

Really Nice! Habt ihr echt gut gemacht :slight_smile:
It’s cool to see some Ionic 2 stuff from the german community.

Keep on rocking ! :smiley: