Questions about cordova-plugin-ionic-webview

I just learned about cordova-plugin-ionic-webview, was wondering about the following:

  • What kinds of needs motivated cordova-plugin-ionic-webview?
  • What kind of native WebView classes are used on iOS & Android?
  • How does it compare to popular alternatives such as cordova-plugin-wkwebview-engine and builtin UIWebView?
  • How actively is cordova-plugin-ionic-webview maintained?

It was also not clear to me which category I should have used for this question.

Some related topics for reference:

See README of 1.x on Github:


It is actually an advanced fork of apache/cordova-plugin-wkwebview-engine (1.x was closely related, 2.x I don’t know). And it uses WKWebView in contrast to UIWebView.

The Ionic plugin is actually much more popular as it comes with Ionic by default, which makes a good part of Cordova installations:

Very - all Ionic apps use it.