Why is this CSS property set in the core Ionic CSS

.modal-open.loading-active .modal, .modal-open.loading-active .modal-backdrop {
 pointer-events: none; 

This does not allow scrolling inside the modal :frowning:

Hmm, no you can scroll in a modal


This is in there to prevent any interaction with the main content, covered by the backdrop

No I could not scroll inside the modal. So I set this to:

pointer-events: all

Hmm even in that codepen? Any chance you could show your markup or a demo of what you have?

I don’t know whats happening. I commented our my custom CSS and now its working fine. The other day I could not scroll inside a modal when trying out in the emulator. I will let you know if it occurs again.

Thanks. This is one awesome community.

Alright, let me know if it happens again.

And please, it’s you guys that make this community great!

Sure thing I will let you know!

Yeah! Lead by the forum and community manager :slight_smile: :wink:

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Yup! It happened again.

I am not able to scroll inside a modal.

Here is the markup for the contents inside modal:

  <div class="modal">
    <ion-header-bar class="">
    <ion-content scrollbar-y="false">
      <div class="padding">
        <div class="">
             <!-- Some images --> 
       <div class="">
        <!-- 10 items list -->
       <!-- some more content -->
<div ng-if="">
  <div class="tabs">
   <!-- tab content -->


Try removing the div.modal, this is probably causing the issue. ion-modal-view renders down to this so it is not needed

I did. It is still the same.

.modal-open.loading-active .modal

This to auto should fix it.

Hey @siddhartha,

We just pushed fixed some some pointer-event issues.
Can you give the nightly builds a try?


Completely breaks in nightly builds! I will stick with my solution for now. Too scared to change anything. Sorry.

.modal-open.loading-active .modal{
   pointer-events: auto !important; 

And also look at this: Scrolling in a modal I have not looked at the codepen on this thread yet. But I feel the issue it common.

Hey, I’m the guy from the post @siddhartha posted.

I didn’t touch any CSS and it ended up working for me. I just had to reimplement the codepen from Ionic.