Modal not receiving touch events



My modals aren’t receiving touch events; specifically, pointer-events: auto is being overriden:

In the picture of webkit inspector above, the pointer-events: auto is being superseded by the pointer-events: none.

A solution is to do the following:

.modal-open .modal, .modal-open .modal-backdrop {
    pointer-events: auto !important;

But I’m curious as to why this is happening in the first place. Anyone have any ideas?

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your modals not receiving touch/click evens because your body tag have “loading-active” class
I have tested it and its seems as bug on the ionicLoading while changing states,

i wrote about it here,


Seems to be related to this open issue:


My current workaround for this problem:

 $scope.$on('modal.shown',function() {
          if( $document[0].body.classList.contains('loading-active')) {


You have save my day! Thank you, buddy!