Scroll in modal also scrolls parent content

I have a list that where each item opens in a modal with scrollable content. When scrolling in the modal, then closing the modal, the list has also scrolled in relation to the modal. This should not be the case, list should stay in the same place.

Are you testing this on a device or just in a browser with the mouse wheel?

Hmm, I hadn’t started testing on devices, but it seems not to be the case on devices (Android at least). Thanks!

Since this is a JS-scroll and not a native scroll, both scrollers will be effected by the mouse well :smile: Its an unfortunate side effect, but since this is targeted for devices, you wont notice that issue

I can confirm the problem still occurs and affects devices as well. In my case a modal opened on top of a scrollable div (overflow-y: scroll;) scrolls the div underneath simultanously. It doesn’t happen on a desktop Chrome, but does on Android 4.2.2 (in my case).


The modal contans <ion-content>. I’ve added overflow-scroll="true" attribute to the element and the side effect gone. I think there’s a bug in the <ion-content> ionic scroll handler.

Unfortunately this doesn’t help in all cases. I had to turn off the overflow-y: scroll for the underneath div for the time modals are displayed to have this sorted out. I hope the issue will be solved in some future releases.

Thanks - this approach worked for me. Scrolling was happening underneath the modal that contains a large textarea.