Why don't the new starter projects have a src directory?


I remember a few months back I can just do ionic start myTabs tabs and I would get the src folder ready for me to use for debugging. Why is that gone? Everything I ionic start with only has the www folder.

Anyone else have this problem?


Any chance you’ve got a CLI version <2.2.2?


And which version of ionic-app-scripts are you on? I know there are some versions where there wasn’t a src folder to be found for debugging.


The other two responses already imply it, but let’s make it explicit:
This is not the case or should not be the case. If you don’t get /src something is wrong.


Yes. I’m using 2.2.1. Sounds like an upgrade would fix this?


Either upgrade to >=2.2.3 (recommended) or use the --v2 command line flag. In 2.2.3 that became the default. You’re accidentally creating v1 projects, which are laid out differently.