Missing app.module.ts and src/app folders

Hi, I have an ionic project using ionic 2.2.3. I am following the guide at this link below to upgrade to ionic 3. In step 2 is says to make some changes to the app.module.ts file. I don’t have this file, nor do I have a src or app folder. My folder structure is:


Any idea of how I can fix my project to have these files and folders? Or any advice at all would be great.

Where’s your src folder?

Yes, thats the old structure before Ionic changed it. Your pages are in the www folder, right?

In this case, you should create a fresh blank ionic 3.x application and migrate your old files to the new Ionic app structure.

Yes my pages are in the www folder.
Ok thanks I’ll get started on that!

I have a sinking suspicion this is a v1 project, in which case it is not going to be nearly as simple as moving files around.

I think you are correct rapropos, I’m currently migrating everything over to v3. Bit of a learning curve compared to what I had but not too bad! Luckily my app isn’t huge so it shouldn’t take too long :disappointed_relieved: