Need the src and www directories in ionic2 starter project explained

I started a new project using $ ionic start and I want to better understand the file tree structure that comes with it.
Two directories “src” and “www” both have an index.html file. Src has a home.html file which is what deploys to the browser when you test
using $ ionic serve. So why does “www” also have an index.html?
Also, the .ts files in ‘src/app’ won’t open unless I use quicktime. Why would it need quicktime?

If you’re familiar with the structure of typical C apps, think of www as the object code directory. src is what you want to edit, and www is used by the build system as a place to build your app. Once in a while, you may want to peek in there to see what is going on, but you don’t ever want to touch anything in there (as it will get overwritten the next time you build the app).

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