White/grey screen bug

(This was originally a response to Cordova Android 7.0.0 released! that was split of by moderator Sujan12)

Did they finally remove gray blank screen & white splash screen error? if not, I’m sending them an email.

Please stop spamming that baseless accusation all over the place. This problem does not exist, nobody but you complains about it. If it does exist for you, please go ahead and just create an issue at issues.cordova.io.

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Deadly serious, the back and forth about @jamesharvey ‘s phantom problem cracks me up at this point. Sorry to take pleasure in your misery, @Sujan12


This is a legitimate problem which can be obeserved on low end android smartphones when running cordova apps.

@jaydz Check this thread.
18,800 people visited this thread to get some help regarding that splash screen problem since early 2017.


I’m not talking about 18 people or you or me… I’m talking about 18,000+ individuals who have experienced this problem and wanted to get some help. This white splash screen problem is a small cancer cell in all cordova apps.
I could spot many of cordova apps with the same problem on playstore.
Don’t even pretend this is normal. I’m amused Sujan12 has been telling me this problem doesn’t exist. Actually there’s no solution to this bug other than making a new native layer which doesn’t come with this problem.

You are really persistent with your FUD @jamesharvey.

Same here: There is no indication that " 18,000+ individuals who have experienced this problem". This number just means that this topic was viewed 18.000+ times - which is a very different thing.

The actual reason why this topic is popular: There are also loads of bugs that end in a “white screen” (e.g. a broken Ionic app, or just an app that isn’t built with --prod and so takes quite some time to load), which are the search terms these people were googling for and were served this thread.

Besides all that: Your posts (again) have nothing to do with Cordova Android. You know your imaginary problem is not fixed as your real issue in the issue tracker of Cordova (that you finally created and that got 0 responses) was not resolved.

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Well, this has nothing to with FUD. I’m not affiliated with any other framework developers or organization at all…
You have to tell that to every single one of people posting on that thread.
I suggest you to test a few of cordova apps on low end smartphones to observe that problem.
When a bug can’t be fixed for years, it’s a defect. Mr. Sodmann has responded to me on github bug tracker that he can observe that gray blank screen and he’ll be working on fixing the problem.

I’m doing this to acknowledge the problem of this framework. It ships with a splash screen bug which is out of control of people who are managing the framework. He’s busy lying about it but this is not the way it’s supposed to be handled.

James, I read through the linked github issue that you opened and Ken definitely acknowledges that he’s seen the problem I believe that you’re making it into a bigger deal than it really is.

Please try to keep in mind that this is an open source project that you are using for free, and that 18k views on a thread does not mean 18k unique individuals but instead multiple back and forth conversations that involve opening the thread many times.

Also, I’ve noticed that you seem to game the forum post ordering system by making minor edits to your post to keep it bumped to the top, likely in an attempt to draw more attention to the issue than it truly deserves. This seems like a shady tactic that is used in an attempt to foment drama, which is likely one of the reasons that @Sujan12 has described some of your posts as FUD.

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Sujan12 has been calling it FUD since the beginning of days. That’s why I’m doing this… this has nothing to do with FUD. This is a problem they didn’t want to face.

Well Java is free, javascript is free, React Native is free, C# is free… none of them charges you on a monthly basis. Math is free… history is free.

This time it was because I split of his posts from the Cordova Android 7.0.0 post as they added nothing to the actual discussion.

If @jamesharvey thinks there is a problem, then it exists for him. I’m fine with that.

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@jamesharvey I have got to be honest here, I’ve never actually put together the exact nature of the issue you have. I apologize if my comments seem to have minimized your concerns, and by no means do I desire to create or exacerbate friction within this forum. I have a sarcastic sense of humor and I hate emojis. This makes for a difficult combination via the written word.

What, in a nutshell, is driving you so crazy and when does it occur? I know (thoroughly) that a white screen is involved. When and where does this issue pop up for you?

Sincerely, the sheer number of posts you’ve written about it have the opposite effect of drawing attention to it. Could you briefly describe this issue for me?

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As this is a Cordova issue, it should be enough if @jamesharvey responds by posting the link to his issue in the Cordoa issue tracker.

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That would be great.

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The issue is as described on the other threads.
Yes, I will open a thread on cordova bug tracker shortly but I think once Avocado is released few months later, cordova will lose 85% of its user base and it will be completely outdated & no one will care.

I had the same problem on Android 4.4.2. This solved my problem. Hopefully all of you can calm down now :wink:

Stick this in your config.xml:

<preference name="loadUrlTimeoutValue" value="700000" />
<preference name="StatusBarStyle" value="default" />
<preference name="orientation" value="default" />
<preference name="ShowSplashScreenSpinner" value="false" />
<preference name="AutoHideSplashScreen" value="false" />
<preference name="CordovaWebViewEngine" value="CDVWKWebViewEngine" />

You’ll have to hide the splash screen manually after the platform fires its ready event.


Look for more: After splash screen, display white screen long time - #17 by celsosantos

I don’t know if I’d go that far, but yeah, whatever the issue is it’ll be a non-issue at that point anyways.

thanks dude :grinning: