Which scripting best suites for ionic2 es6 or typescript

Hi Guys,

Can some one suggest which scripting language best suites for ionic 2 . ES6 or TypeScripting

ehhhmm typescript and javascript are the scripting languages and ES6 are the newest JavaScript standards… sooo if you use typescript you are using the es6 stuff.

From the Ioinc 2 Starter Tutorial: https://github.com/driftyco/ionic2-starter-tutorial#es6typescript


  • Ionic’s source is written using Typescript
  • Ionic apps can be written in ES6 or TypeScript
  • Typescript is an optional feature to be used at the developers discretion
  • Ionic 2 starters come with the necessary build tools to transpile both ES6 and Typescript

Typescript is an optional superset that adds type declarations and goodies to ES6… ES6 doesn’t exist yet so it compiles (refuse to say transpile) typically to ES5.

one day that will switch to ES6.

A little summary of ES6 features.

Personally since typescript adds annotations and parameter typing which are good enough reasons to use it… in the short term it allows us to use ES6 in browsers that only support ES5.