Which IDE is better for Production and development

I am using SublimeText 3 over windows 10. I will be happy if you have experience of using other tools and give a brief Cons and Pros of IDE.

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Hi, I was a big fan of Atom. But since working on Ionic framework I switch for Visual studio code (it’s free). Because it’s fully ready for Typescript and it’s a breeze to write code specially on angular 2 and ionic. With Atom i had a lot of warning messages, I still like it for other development. I’m working on Mac, but it similar on windows.


Yes Visual studio code is awesome because there is lot of Extensions to fill automatic code and easy to integrate our application with integrated terminal we can run everything from VS code.


Well I can only agree with @VENKY_91 that Visual Studio Code is the best one that I have tried so far.
I have used Atom and Brackets before that.

They were both so painfully slow that I couldn’t handle it anymore. If you have a lot of plugins installed on Atom it just takes forever to open up.
With Bracket on the other hand I had massive problems opening a Folder that contains a lot of sub-folders and files (only during initialization though).
Visual Studio Code on the other hand works perfectly with TypeScript, Everything feels smooth even though I have much bigger Projects now and as many active plugins as I had with atom.

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I use Sublime 3 as well, it’s the fastest between the ones mentioned above and also has great plugin library.



Dear @mhartington i never heard about vim. where can I read some about that? is that supporting auto-completion, plugins, etc. like VS or SublimeText 3?
is that : http://www.vim.org/?

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Dear @Fred56, @ironedr VS is a great IDE but after some working it become sticky. an I feel I had to wait more and more in application testing and after several hours of working, finally restart my machine to start everything in fresh.

Nobody mentioned WebStorm/IntelliJ :slight_smile: I use IntelliJ for everything(Ionic, Angular, NodeJS, Java, Python…). Worth a look but it’s not free.


I find Sublime text more useful that what i think but a big issue that i have is lack of supporting Arabic and Persian .language each word i want to write I had to writ it on not pad to check its writing correctness then cut and past in sublime text. Because ST broken words in to letters then shows them left to right instead of right to left.
this was my big problem with ST.

Dear @ankushagg93 as u mentioned it is not free. i personally has experience of Netbeans but it is not good enough for Ionic, Angular, NodeJS, Typscript.

I switched from Netbeans -> Eclipse -> IntelliJ, now I love it and never look for any other IDE. It’s one of the few softwares, I am satisfied paying :stuck_out_tongue: If you just want for web development, look into WebStorm.

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It is not also free. :disappointed_relieved:

VSCode with chrome debugger extensions and many other Extensions (like Angular HTML snippet, autocomplete, TSLint, ESLint, auto import, etc), is also a nice option.
You can use integrated terminal in it to run ionic commands.

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I’m using Webstorm (IntelliJ) and I’m generally happy with it (also using it for Nodejs, React and so on), but it’s not free.

I bought a licence one time and am not bothering to pay a renewal every year.

If it would become seriously outdated at some point then I would probably switch to Visual Studio, I’ve heard good things about it (Atom is also an option, supposedly it wasn’t that good but it is getting better).

I currently use PHPStorm and the development experience is really nice.

@vaibsVB It seem’s VScode easy, free, and less resource required IDE.

Visual Studio code . Till now i have tried this one. and it is giving good response too

VS Code. If you don’t install every plugin like a kid in a candy store like I did; it’s very responsive. I disable the plugins I am not using for that project and I find it very speedy. If you open up your home directory on a Mac it’s actually better than finder for lots of things like editing dot files.


A thing that I could not test it, because I am out of city now; is that, VS code support Ionic plugins auto completion or not. SublimeText 3 was showing syntax and auto insert command(code) for plugins I have experienced that in google map API.