Development Environment Choice


From what I can tell, there are 3 ionic development environments/tools highlighted on this ionicframework site - Creator, Reactor, and Visual Studio. I’m just getting started and am trying to figure out which one to get started with. Has anyone written up a comparison between these tools from an ionic development perspective?


Ionic is just html, css, and javascript. I use Sublime Text 2 for everything Ionic and I love it.


Like @NorthMcCormick said, its just html, css, and javascript. Nothing big.
You could work with any text-editor or IDE you want.

Webstorm, Sublime, Atom (free), brackets (free), vim/emacs (if you’re into that)


Oooh I just tried Webstorm for a different project and that’s really neat. Web storm can parse your code for you and then give you auto complete capabilities just from the files in the project. I have yet to use it more but they have a free trial on the website.


Thanks, NorthMcCormick!