Is learning to develop an Ionic Apps on Visual Studio is a Good Choice?

Hi! im new on developing ionic apps,
recently i got some recommendation from my friend to develop ionic mobile apps on visual studio most of them said its easy to learn and develop using visual studio.

But, my doubt is :

  • What is the cons using visual studio than developing ionic mobile apps in general?
  • What database should i use? can i use firebase or mysql?
  • is it Good for developing an e-commerce apps?

sorry for my bad English

I’m newbie to Ionic (6 months of dev) and I’ve used Visual Studio Code solely.

VSC is just an IDE to develop and Ionic app. It works well and is very well supported.

VSCode (as @cfarren recommends) is supposed to be much better than Visual Studio. I started with Visual Studio, had lots of problems, and moved over to Sublime 3.

it’s better to understand ionic cli rather than using VS for automatic functions(like adding plugins)… in terms of text editor I think Sublime, Atom or VSCode is great choice (I am using Sublime)…