Which Db use for ionic2 APPS?


i don’t know which DB is the best for mobile apps?

Firebase (Paid)
Mongodb (paid)

i am lost!

i don’t know which db to use? mysql is free and the clients don’t want to pay too expensive… for the app…!!!

anyone could tell me if possible to do ionic with mysql?
if yes, could you tell me how?


Firebase isn’t really “Paid”

You an upgrade for certain features. the actual database is free.


Whatever database you choose is going to have to be hosted somewhere accessible for the users of the app.


check this link : https://firebase.google.com/pricing/ $25 per month…

500 Mb is enough for mobile apps with more than 100 users ?


Oh whoa… I did not know that…

I feel lied to… I’ve been using firebase for so many months… And I… I didn’t even know… I’ve been having too much fun making small apps…