Which databases do you use for mobile applications?


I haven’t been around that long and only started developing mobile applications a few weeks ago. I’m still learning myself with Ionic and need a little help. Hopefully one of you can help me.
I have read that I can integrate with Ionic database solutions. Which databases are suitable? Is there a SQL based database? Of course it would be best if it was open source.

I have read in some not related to Ionic forums that you can manage and monitor databases through a DBaaS provider, like Aiven. Because you wouldn’t need any hardware and store everything in a cloud. Would that actually be possible with such a project? Or would it not be worth it? For which applications do you use DBaaS?

Sorry for the stupid questions, but I am still in the learning phase and not every article on the internet is immediately understandable…

I mean, it depends on what you need. On device storage (local storage, indexedDB, sqlite) is always at risk of being cleared out by the user or the OS, so probably not a good long term solutions. If you want some 3rd party DB, firebase cloud storage provides a good option that is simple enough and scales pretty well. You could also build your own API and use something like mongoDB or couchbase, if you are comfortable doing so.