Choosing the right database platform for Ionic App


I am planning to build an ionic app that depends on a database, which would eventually have many data saved. I am wondering what is the best database available to have the app fully functioned? I am used to mySQL but I read it is not recommended to be used in Ionic. If there is a way to use mySQL without problems I would go for it. Google Firebase is an option I like but is it fully free if I want to use their database only without the other functionalities that they offer? What about MangoDB?

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Firebase gives you many DB reads and writes for free per day, so the cost for you would depend on how many users and how much activity they generate.

Personally I’ve found that Firebase and Ionic are a good match. There are many good resources (like this one) around this.

I’m not sure about why SQL would not be recommended with Ionic, so that may have been a personal opinion of someone.
I guess you need to check your needs and see what you are most comfortable doing.
Good luck!

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I guess I’ll go with Firebase. Thanks for the help!

well, I guess it looks good for me but it could be great for you if you do a prototype and try things out for yourself.

I also found these videos incredibly useful:

The first thing you need to decide is where the data is to be stored. If it’s on device, SQLite is about your only option. If, however, it’s going to be on a network server somewhere, then I’d be interested to hear why people are telling you not to use MySQL, because I would strongly disagree with that recommendation. I personally like PostgreSQL much better for both technical and philosophical reasons (I stopped writing Java when Oracle bought it, and I stopped using MySQL similarly), but having MySQL as a backend for an Ionic app seems like a perfectly reasonable choice to me, especially if you’re familiar with it. I would suggest that you at least take a look at MariaDB, though.


oops, that’s right! I assumed that the data would be on the cloud and not on device. Thank you for contemplating that option.

I need the data to be stored on a network server. I will definitely check MariaDB. Would you suggest using it over Firebase for an Ionic app?

It’s basically MySQL free of the Oracle influence.

I haven’t used Firebase at all, because I prefer Postgres as mentioned above. In your case, yes, I absolutely would recommend Maria, because of your existing familiarity with MySQL.

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You can go with Firebase. Don’t forget it has two Database options. You can use one or both of them.

For example we have a company database, Oracle. I use it for specific data. I use Firestore for general stuff like dining, calendar etc. I plan to add a Forum. Because of high read/write operations in forums, i plan to use Realtime Database (of Firebase) for that. It charges for bandwidth and storage, not operations and first 10GB is free.

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