Which Android Phones are compatible with Mac & Capacitor?

I am searching for a new Android Device to test my apps on. I recently tried a Poco (Xiaomi) Phone, which wasn’t compatible with macOS. So I counldn’t use Capacitor Live Reload with it. Are there any suggestions which Android Device is good for testing Capacitor Apps?


  • Should work with macOS
  • 4 - 6GB RAM
  • Newest Android Version
  • $200 - $300

Thanks :slight_smile:

A Google Pixel is usually a good choice since they’ll be updated for a while. You can probably get a used 4, 4XL, 4A, or maybe even a 5 for your price point.

Your Poco Phone may work if you install Google Play Services to it? Seems fixable but I’m not familiar with it. I know the Xiaomi and Huawei phones sometimes have issues since some phones won’t let you install Google Play Services

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