My ionic 6, capacitor 4 app is not compatible on Android v14 devices

I have an Ionic 6 Angular app with Capacitor 4… on Android v14 devices Google play is displaying an error stating that my app is not compatible with this device anymore… what is the issue here? I cannot solve this issue when I do not know what exactly is the problem, Google Play Console shows no red flags on devices and/or Android versions… please help

you need to update to capacitor 5.

I already did upgrade capacitor to v5, but still the issue persist.
I have contacted Google Play Console support and they replied back that the issue happens with certain devices because, quote, “Doesn’t support framework version: between 22 and 33”

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Hi, I don’t understand your update, could you elaborate what does it mean by not supporting framework version ? because you want to install it on Android 14 right ?

I have the same issue where my app says not compatible in Android 13

Maybe you have maxSdkVersion set to 33 in some gradle file or by some plugin?

Capacitor apps should work on any Android version greater than 21, existing apps always work on latest Android devices.