Where to start

Hello guys.
I need to build a mobile app for my thesis and after some research concluded that Ionic is probably the best choice.
I’ve read around in the docs, followed some tutorials on some blogs on Ionic 2 but I decided it’s best to ask you here directly:

How should I go about to create an Ionic 2 app?
I have no significant prior experience with Ionic 1, Angular or much Javascript.

The app does not need to be overly complex. Mainly getting input, present info, send notifications and save to server.

Ionic 2 tutorials are a bit not too abundant since it’s so new… Also, I always end up reading more and more stuff (since I think it might come useful) and end up getting lost in the theory, while I believe it’d be more productive to start getting my hands dirty.

So I would really appreciate any help that gets me out of the deadlock.

Many, many thanks in advance!

Maybe try to find a “starter app” (template) that already contains a lot of code and gets you off the ground quickly and without having to wade through too much theory first.

I don’t know if there are any decent “starter apps” already for Ionic 2 (apart from the official Ionic starters which are rather simplistic), for Ionic 1 there are already a number of “starter apps”, see for instance:


But I can’t find any Ionic 2 starters yet.

I also developed one, see https://github.com/leob/ionic-quickstarter, planning on porting it to Ionic 2 because I think there will be demand for that, didn’t do it yet however.

Maybe this could get you started?


The post is a bit old however (using Ionic 2 alpha) so it may be outdated.

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If you ask me, i would wait to start with ionic 2. Since angular 2 has some quirks and lack of documentation (also if they announced the first rc), ionic 2 is not really stable and not that smooth to use (as programmer and enduser ^^).

If you really want to start --> play around with typescript and get in touch with the possible toolchain of angular 2 and read about the new concepts (observables, components instead of controllers)


So would that be the recommendation even for a brand new project (which does not need to be finished “yesterday”, a slight delay would be tolerable), and given the fact that Ionic 2 is now “beta” rather than “alpha” software? Maybe it also depends on how ‘critical’ the app is.

yepp, even if i start a new project :wink:

i would build the new app with components instead of controllers and services instead of factories so you can easily upgrade.

We made some faults building apps with alpha/beta states of ionic and have to change a lot afterwards.

If you build it for your own and not in a professionel environment like for big companies, do it :slight_smile: .

Pascal Precht writes great articles about angular.
And one article explains ngUpgrade to easy move from A1 to A2. Hopefully ionic makes something similar,

Yes I agree with you, it’s beta software and there are still too many issues. I just read in the Ionic forum (this forum) that for instance startup time of an Ionic 2 app is actually LONGER than startup time of an Ionic 1 app. I trust that this will be fixed eventually but you don’t know when.

I thought that since I don’t know much about Ionic 1 or Ionic 2 and I’m starting from 0, it would better to start learning Ionic 2 for 2 main reasons: I think it will be more useful for the future, and from what I’ve read Ionic 2 should be easier and “make more sense”.

Given that I’m not familiar with the older structure, wouldn’t it be better to get directly accustomed to the new one (in v 2)?

The lack of starters does seem to be a problem though… :confused: