Getting started with angular2 for ionic2 - best book?

hi folks, I’m looking to get a structured learning on Angular 2 for the purposes of using it effectively in my future Ionic 2 apps.

I know there are many online tutorials, etc, but I’m specifically looking at a good book. Is ng-book2 the way to go? Also, I’m a little confused on the options of A2: a) ES6 b) TypeScript c) JS. Is TypeScript the way to go? If so, I’d want a book that dives into both A2 concepts and examples via TS.


Typescript is definitely the way to go, I’m looking forward for a recomendation to read too!

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Check out Josh Morony. You can try out his tutorial style on his web site and email tutorials. If you like that, his book is similar in style. He has a couple of chapters on angular, es6, and typescript before he starts going through ionic examples. If you know JavaScript to a medium level, it’s just enough intro and doesn’t slow down the process.

He’s been keeping the book up to date over the last month or two so that’s a good sign. I can’t speak to whether his code is any good because I’m just learning angular and ionic myself, but I figure it’s better than I’m capable of at this stage. :slight_smile:

Thanks! I bought both ng-book2 and josh’s book - right away, I’m finding Josh’s book quicker to follow as its adapted for ionic 2, so I don’t have to keep separating between core A2 and I2s wrappers on top. I suspect I’ll use more of Josh’s book for now and then to expand on deeper concepts refer back to Angular2’s own documents and/or ng-book2

If you want to learn effectively you can try with ionic2 and angular js books. You will get here some best ionic books. Hope you will find right one.

Although this topic is a bit outdated, I still followed the link best ionic books.

“Ionic will change what you think about mobile apps and the future of the web forever” - Max Lynch.
Ionic is maybe the most widely known platform mobile platform. I advise reading the Ionic 2 Cookbook - Second Edition, which will help you create Angular 2 components that interact with the templates. In this book, you will learn how to best use the REST API to handle server services and then go to the animation of the application to make it look attractive. :slightly_smiling_face:
This is a hobby project for me, if you interested you can click the link.

Thanks, Auraelius. is really very useful site