Where can I find good books and courses as learning material to master Ionic Vue?

I have done some coding in Vue using Ionic. I am familiar with basic concepts and how to put together a very simple app.

Now I am looking for learning material to learn best practises, architecture recommendations etc. Everything you need to know to actually build a performance and scalable large app in Ionic Vue.

Can you recommend good sources? Does not have to be free. I am willing to pay if I know its good value and actually helps me.

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I think @aaronksaunders has Ionic Vue courses. But there isn’t alot of material specific to Ionic Vue out there. I think the best approach is to learn advanced Vue concepts and leverage that? Have a look at the courses on Vue Mastery

I have noticed that and that’s why I decided to ask for tips here.

Thanks four your input and recommendations!

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I’ll ask the question… what specifically are you looking for? There is a lot of vuejs content already out there and Ionic Framework is a UI Component System. I try to create content to address issues a user can run into when making the two work together, usually around the components and integrating capacitor.

I feel that most of those cases are covered with existing content, if there is something specific I am always looking for ideas for new tutorials