Newbie question about learning path

Hi all.

I want to start developing web/mobile apps using Vue + Ionic (for mobile). My specific question is: should I signup for a Vue or Ionic+Vue course? I’m a fast learner, plus I have basic knowledge of JS and PHP.


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Hey @vazquezjm! It’s great to see another PHP dev in the Ionic community :slight_smile: I’m an avid Laravel developer and have been developing my first Ionic Vue app this past year.

I would say just taking a course in Vue would get you a very long way. Picking up Ionic should be fairly straightforward once you have a good understanding of Vue. An Ionic course could be useful once you get into the more advanced features like custom animations and gestures.

A couple of other items:

  • Try to stick with TypeScript even though it may feel overwhelming at first
  • Be aware of the Ionic specific Lifecycle Methods
  • Make sure you use an IonPage on each of your pages. It is needed for Ionic to work properly.

EDIT: Also, if you are going to reach for state management in Vue, I would highly recommend looking at Pinia over Vuex. Pinia is maintained by a Vue team member and is looking to be the next iteration of Vuex.


Big fan of Laravel as well! In fact, the backend will be built on it :wink:

So, looks like watching a couple of YT videos will suffice, like Vue.js 3 Tutorial - YouTube (which in fact is what I was doing). And when the time comes, I can go deeper into Vue and/or Ionic courses.

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Nice! Our backend is of course built on Laravel as well. Feel free to reach out if you have any additional questions. I am here and also on Ionic’s Discord.

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Checkout my YouTube channel there is a separate playlist on ionic and vuejs content specifically. I cover vuex, pinia, form validation and much more… feel free to ask any questions and there is usually source code for everything

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