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Hello guys,

I was wondering if anybody knew any decent books or PDF guides to Ionic? Even something as simple as an API reference or guide to JS and CSS components.

I know that I can access all of this on the website, but as I am travelling around a lot at the moment and could use the downtime to learn more about the framework.




I read your post a little bit ago and i found this which it looks kind of useful. I havent read it yet but thought id give it to you


Hi, I have read through the MEAP (Manning Early Access Program) chapter of Ionic in Action which you linked and unfortunately did not find it to have much useful information yet. For now sticking to the official documentation, Ionic CodePens, and just searching for Cordova tutorials has been my best bet.


Mind linking some sources? Im always looking for stuff to read.


Hey all,

I’m the author for the Ionic in Action book, and let me tell you there is a lot of work to put together a high quality book. The book also has to find the right balance between providing information for someone who is new to Ionic and hybrid apps in general, to someone who is already in the trenches and has worked through what the documentation has to offer. I’m working hard on getting more chapters together.

There are a number of blog posts about getting started with Ionic. Depending on your style of learning and your familiarity with the technologies, your milage may vary. I tend to learn from examples and building, so here are some links to examples and a few good posts.

Demo app with lots of examples:
Presentation from above example:
Ionic Codepen examples:
Weather example:


Great reply gnomeontherun!
I’m looking forward to checking out these examples later in the week.

Best of luck on your book, by the way. I am sure I will end up ordering a copy for the office when it is released.


Awesome I do actually plan on buying your book I just wanted to get familiar with some of the stuff required that was in the MEAP version