Ionic Vue Book

I am working on an Ionic Vue JS Book which should be available in beta form around the end of the month.

you can get notified about the book’s release by signing up here:

Thanks In Advance


Using TypeScript? I am interested.

I have decided to put work on the book on hold. Despite the likes and retweets when I promote the book on social media, through my youtube channel and podcast.

I have only had 15 people express interest in the book.

From a business perspective, it doesn’t make sense for me to move forward when it appears there is not enough interest in the book. I will leave the links up and monitor them to see if anything changes

got some feedback so I decided to push some of the book to see if I could get more interest, please review

Hi @aaronksaunders. Thanks for your endeavor there. I just gave it a read and it does make a good start. I really would love to see the book finished. I understand why you decided to go for a non-typescript approach but still think it would be great to have Typescript included somehow. Maybe in a late chapter á la “Advanced: Changing the codebase to Typescript”?

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my plan was to do a chapter like that in the end and also provide the complete source code in typescript too… this is the kind of feedback that I was looking for and thanks for taking the time.

Sounds good! Looking forward to the next update. I’ll be happy to continue reviewing.