When will Beta 14 be released?

Any exact date when the beta 14 will be released? I saw that performance on Android will be pumped up on beta 14.


waiiiit for it…

“when it is done” -.-

When we’re done testing it.


Any time soon? Looking forward

I’m not trying to ruin this post, but I’m desperate to get an answer…here is my problem
I’ve seen many post about this scrolling problem, and with no luck I’m
still getting the same trouble about scrolling, I use Samsung Galaxy Ace
3 - 4.2.2 Android as the running device n beta 14 ionic. Here is my code : http://textuploader.com/61cr
I Tested it in chrome and firefox, and the result is fine.

Thank you for the icon part, but what use is IonicFramework if we can’t create a nice app on our smartphone ?

Hey @Ionic_User888, so for the scrolling issue, this is mainly an android issue. Android has always has some performance problems since older versions of android didn’t use chrome as their base.

This is why we’re integrating crosswalk. Now we’re no longer tied the default browser and get add a great webview for older versions of android.

Thanks for the info @mhartington, I manage to deal with the scrolling issue