Some questions about the future

  1. Should Ionic 2 publish stable 2.0 version in the next 4 months ? (I have read the roadmap and the milestones and i think it’s possible)
  2. There is estimed time to publish Angular 2? If there is no officialy, so maybe unofficialy, what is your opinion?
  3. When Angular 2 and Ionic 2 will be publish stable version, should mobile apps have a better performnce? Right now I am using Galaxy Note 5 and the app isn’t so fast, it kinda laggy. In iOS there is no problem.

So in regards to release dates, there’s no “official release date” on both ionic 2 and angular 2. Which is fine. I’d rather have a much more stable a feature complete release than a release for the sake of calling it ‘released’.

But as far as performance comes, yes, we can expect things to get much better. While some older device may need crosswalk, modern android (5.0+) and iOS will get a nice performance boost as the last bits of angular 2 get merged into master.


@mhartington Do you think there is a chance that Ionic 2 will be “released” before Angular 2?

@matanyed yeah we are currently having Android perf issues too.

Umm, no. Since we’re a framework depending on angular 2…doesn’t make sense that we’d ship a “stable” version before they do.
Thats like trying to build a 3 story house without a good foundation :grin:

Regarding crosswalk, if I run an Ionic 2 app that was crosswalk on an Android 5 or 6 device, does it actually do anything? Will it lower performance? Or does it only activate on Android < 4.4 ?