An eventual date for removing the JS Scrolling about Android?


I built my iOS and Android app thanks to Ionic => very great job Ionic !

The sole issue is still the famous scroll lags on Android 4.4.X.

It was announced as one of the last feature to release:

What’s next!
Now that view elements are cached in the DOM, we’ll be adding the “swipe to go back” feature.
Since Android provides the necessary scroll events, we’ll be refactoring our scrolling so we can remove JS scrolling on Android devices.
This is the last beta!! Once the swipe to go back and removal of JS scrolling on Android updates are added we’re going to call Ionic v1.0 feature complete, and roll out the release candidate.
With the new navigation and transition system we’ve got a lot more power for animations. In the near future we’ll be creating an animations pack that can easily extend Ionic’s animations.

Is it possible to have an eventual date?

Thanks a lot,


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I’m no ionic team so I cannot answer that but I can tell you that integrating crosswalk into the app makes the problem go away. It’s not a light operation but might be worth it.

I’ve read somewhere that crosswalk is useless with Android >= 4.4 …

Interested as well, we’re releasing our app soon, and this is a huge concern of ours

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I’m in the same context :wink:

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It’s true I added crosswalk for < 4.4.* versions but I’ve seen improvements on 4.4.4 as well.

Maybe the best things to do is try it so you can see for yourself ( make a copy of your repo localy and try it so you can compare) it should not take more than 30 minutes.

Let me know if it goes well for you :wink:

Thanks @Apavillet, I’ve already tried with and without crosswalk (and everything else really, from removing ion-content, to collection repeat with dynamic height, I’ve done it all) but I’m still waiting for ionic to make the move. None of the solutions I’ve tried where really improving performance on my scroll (although I must add, I have a lot of elements to display)


The only solution left I can see is to check your angular code to see if there is not too much watch or other actions taking time, you can use to do that ( alhough it seems to not be working right now, you are in bad luck :stuck_out_tongue: )

That look great but from the comments, it seems broken!

Do you know any similar tools?

Nope batarang works but you have to install an old version 0.4.3 did the trick for me

Having less watches, even just 1 or 2, makes scroll better, but really still lagging.

Im out of solution then :frowning:

@adam @mhartington would you mind giving us a release date (even if it’s a few days off)?
I really need to know when the scroll issue on android will be fixed

Thanks a lot guys

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Hey guys.
So ATM, we’re working on making all of our js-scrolling features, like PTR and Infinite scroll, work with native scrolling, so that will take some time.

I believe the goal is to have that out in our next release.


@mhartington Do you have a rough estimate, i.e. is it a few weeks, or several months, before we might see an RC without android JS scrolling? Is there anything the community can do to help speed this along?