When to start going Ionic


Hello Community
I am currently developing a small web-app with Angular-Cli and already got some components running. MAYBE i want to build an App out of my web-app.
Am i able to convert my web-app later “easily” or should i think about doing it now?

thanks in advance!

My web-app is currently using Material Design if this does matter in any way.


How much logic will be similar between your web and mobile app?

In general: If you don’t have to launch both simultaneously, finish web first and then adapt the code you have into an Ionic app. Only then will you know if you actually finish the project and what features you have.


Thank you. I never used ionic honestly but i was afraid that if i do not start now it would be hard to integrate ionic. But thanks for the quick answer!


I’m afraid I’m going to have to dissent here. Try cloning the conference app and serving it to a web browser. See how happy you are with the general UX. If the answer is “meh, not so much”, then carry on as you were.

However, if the answer is “sure, this is fine”, then I think you are better off making the switch ASAP. The reason for this being that if you build the entire thing out with angular/material components, you are going to have a lot of busy work refactoring the templates to use Ionic components. Most of the controller and service code will carry over without much modification, but templates are a different story.


I looked into it and honestly like the design. Isn’t this “materialish”?

Is there a theme for Material? I did Not find any.
And from what i saw are the components really good for web sites viewed on the phone too.