Should i use Ionic as Web App Framework when currently i don't need apps?

Hi guys,

i started a project with the requirement of having both apps and a web app with sort of the same functionality.
So i decided to use Ionic 2/3 as Framework.

Now the client decided we don’t need apps at all and should concentrate on the Web App only.

As we’ve only implemented a couple of views at this point i’m asking myself if i should keep Ionic 2/3 as a Framework or if i should do the switch to Angular4 / Angular Material now.

Ionic uses a mobile first approach which is not feasible in every case when the web app is used from a desktop browser.
For example i don’t want the datepicker to slide from the bottom up on the desktop, i need the ability to enter the date manually. Just one example. Of course i could integrate third party components but i’m asking myself if using Angular 4 with Angular Material seems like a better choice.

Thank your for your feedback!

Kind regards

I would switch to angular-material and angular-cli.

@rapropos Thank you for your comment. That’s my tendency as well.

Additionally the current situation of broken or at least sub-optimal deep linking which is a must-have feature for web apps is driving me away.

I also don’t think the interface options for select boxes are good for large screen interfaces.

There are just too many things that currently are perfect fits for mobile but just don’t feel right for desktop.