Angular 2 app to Ionic with minimal changes


I am evaluating Phonegap, Cordova and Ionic and would like to know if we can just start off using our app as a webapp inside ionic. This would be similar to what phonegap and cordova does.

I guess this would be a progressive webapp.
I am asking this because the documentation is unclear.

Thanks for the help in advance

You probably could, but to me I’m not sure what the benefit would be. I’d probably just go with straight Cordova, as you won’t be using any of Ionic’s stuff.

ok thanks. I was hoping to using ionic api in the future, but wanted a quick way to wrap our app.
We will not use a lot of native plugins or ui components so maybe cordova / phonegap would be best.

Thank you for your reply. Very helpful

I think if you’re wrapping an existing webapp you’d wind up fighting Ionic more than anything, as Ionic is designed for more native-esque apps.

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