Should I use Ionic only for web application

Hello team,
We are building an enterprise grade app which will be serve only on browser (i.e. it is only a web application, not mobile app). Also it will be never converted in mobile app.

Can someone please share your recommendations/experiences, what would be more appropriate to use for development.
1.) Use Ionic framework
2.) Use Angular ( with Angular Material (

We are having expertise in Ionic (in mobile development), will there be any drawback if we go with Ionic?


It’ll not look great in Internet Explorer if you still have a set of clients that use that.

Thanks @Judgewest2000 for your input.

As OP other option is Angular material, I’m curious as I never tried, does this option then looks good in IE?

It adheres to standards that IE are fine with.

Ionic only concern themselves with more modern standards, which make sense as the audience is mobile which all run one form of WebKit or Edge.

Thx, interesting. But I guess if you add a custom elements polyfill then it works fine too with Ionic if your concern is web components right?

It’s not the web components part, though of course that in itself is a concern and borderline showstopper without ES5’ing your tsconfig.json along with other non-default stuff.

It’s the CSS layout which is not adhered well at all.

Open that on IE11 and see for yourself. In particular stuff like the modals don’t work. (look in the About section and compare that to Edge or Firefox or Chrome).

If you’re wanting to make effectively a website with maybe some responsiveness for mobile I don’t know why you’d use Ionic when there’s already a plethora of amazing choices out there ( for example) that would suit the situation much more favourably. You don’t have to walk away from Angular so you’ll still be on familiar ground.

For my situation we have about 10% of our audience still using IE11 so it’s a non-starter for me, I can’t say no to 1 in 10 of my audience, and chances are if you’re producing software for business they’ll be using IE11 as they’re wretched dinosaurs.

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thx for your detailed answer, really appreciated and of course could understand the situation when 1/10 of your clients are still using IE, it makes totally sense. like I said above didn’t, never, tried Ionic with IE and don’t count to do it, but it’s really good to know the status, so again, thx a lot