When should we expect to see Ionic 2 beta 11

I’m usually quite patient about this as the betas normally come flying out within a week or 2 weeks of each other but we have been stuck on beta 10 for a good few weeks now and I am starting to get withdrawal symptoms from the process of upgrading my apps and looking at whats new.

On a daily basis I check the milestone progress on GitHub but I wondered if anybody from the Ionic team could shed some light on when we can expect the beta 11 release to drop?

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Taking in account that performance improvements are the beta.11 target, it’s clear that this release was supposed to have some delay in comparision to 9 and 10. I’m waiting and looking forward for it and upgrading the Angular 2 Forms and Ionic Controllers in the meanwhile:

Hopefully my question didn’t sound too snappy haha. After all I’m loving the love that everybody is putting into this framework.

Like you though I’m looking forward to beta 11 and being able to use the new form module with the Ionic input elements :slight_smile: