Status of Ionic 2 beta 12

Hi All,

Does anyone know the status of Ionic 2 beta 12? Earlier releases were 10-15 days apart, it’s been more than a month after beta 11.

Any timeline when can we expect beta 12, this week, next week…?


Same question here. Also the activity on github has dropped dramatically after the beta 11.

Please share update on when we can expect further release. Can we expect a productivity release in Oct?


Maybe near an official RC or few bugs left?

You can see the status of the beta 12 on Ionic milestones.
But i don’t think they gave a real release date.

Repo is in code freeze mode, only thing useful to track beta 12 progress is

There is one new branch where they are working actively. It will be a major release definitely as per their comments and commits :slight_smile:

Hey everyone!

So the commits dropped because the majority of the work was on a different branch as ankushagg93 stated. :slight_smile: We merged that branch into master a few days ago and we think it is in a pretty good place as of today! There have been several changes to the build process, we’ve updated to Angular 2 final, and there are a few breaking changes to the components. These will all be outlined for you in the changelog.

We have the tabs starter building and running using the following branches:

We’re internally testing these to make sure everything is working smoothly! When our testing and any updates are complete we’ll be releasing beta 12. (We’re hoping sometime next week) :wink:


(We’re hoping sometime next week) :heart_eyes: :tada::fireworks::sparkler:

Thanks for the response. Everyone is eagerly waiting for beta 12. As long as you update ionic-conference-app, upgrading will never be tedious for us :wink:

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We will definitely be updating the conference app! As soon as the starters are in a good place we’ll move on to that. We like to update the conference app in order to form our steps to upgrade for the changelog. It’s been great for catching issues and making it easier to upgrade. :slight_smile:

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This so many fingers crossed “should” work well with our timelines we are releasing Ionic 2 apps to some early adopter / stakeholders today with a look to more production ready for the beginning of October.

Thanks to the whole team for their efforts.


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thank you very much for give us this excellent response!

Will beta.12 also include new url router?

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Seems like we are really close to beta.12
Most of the repositories on github now have beta.12 branch :confetti_ball::tada:


Tomorrow I believe :slight_smile:

Might be waiting for Friday Happy Hours :stuck_out_tongue:

There are still 2 issues in milestones but the good thing I noticed from beta.12 branches is that it requires few changes to upgrade. Seems like Beta 12 is mostly Ionic 2 internal changes.

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Indeed; I guess they’ve worked a lot the last month with Angular 2 team to be able to deliver RC ASAP after NG2 release :slight_smile:

Typescript 2.0 has now officially been released. Lots of upgrading to be done.

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I think ionic already using Typescript 2. I hope when they’ll upgrade ionic conference app, they update all dependencies also :cold_sweat:

They’re using Typescript 2, but most likely an RC version.

Don’t know what’s delaying the beta 12 release? 2 issues in beta 12 milestones are just not moving and @mhartington funny comment on ionic 2 status

This week is gone, hopefully next week :sweat: It’s getting difficult everyday to convince manager for more time to update. That overlay component issue is killing me ->

Things take time. We could cut a release, but without spending time and testing things, we could ship a broken release. This gives us a chance to make sure everything is working as intended without issues. Please be patient and try to understand