Ionic v1 to Ionic latest upgrade necessary?

Hi All

Our company built an e-commerce app with ionic v1 several years ago, and this app is going to be in use for the next few years at least. We have to maintain the app for changes like the new iOS version, which just came out, or updates to some plugins, but so far it’s been nothing too huge.
Ionic 1 is getting older and older though, and a few weeks ago we started discussing if we might even need to update the ionic version to 5.x. Right now we’re trying to prepare a list of reasons why or if an upgrade would make sense or not.

The reasons we’ve listed so far are

  • We’re concerned about support being cut in the upcoming 2-3 years for ionic 1.x (support for the new iOS and Android OS versions that come out)
  • Security issues being found with the old angular 1 version our app is built on.
  • Huge performance leaps of the app and build process
  • Access to the newest features that modern phones offer. (Although here we could just technically upgrade our cordova version?)

Do these reasons seem valid or are we missing something important? What are your thoughts?

So far even with mentioned reasons we’re not fully sure if an app upgrade from ionic 1 to ionic 5.x is necessary.

The primary reason for upgrade is the support from the ionic/angular library and the community. All the newer plugins/libraries are created for the newest angular and basically no maintenance for angularJS.

FYI: We will be moving our old ionic1 app to ion-react because of lack of skillset in the team.

hey @thesourav thanks for your reply and time can you please explain is it better to migrate from ionic 1 to ionic latest (i.e creating a new project in ionic latest from the scratch ) coz there are a lot of issues of dependencies while upgrading to the latest ionic. and the application that i’m trying to run was developed a long years ago almost 4 years ago