When I am Install Test APK . images is not Showing ..Whats the problem?

Images showing on Localhost Browser …But Building APK File Images not showing …

Which Folder i am using asset file ? www OR src Folder …

I am using src folder ionic 2 version

How to Set path ?

My Setting Path for Showing Images : Imagine I am Here in Page1.html file >this path works fine on localhost but images not showing on android debug apk file

      <img src="../../assets/post/logo.jpg" width="80x80">


Your path should be changed to

<img src="assets/post/logo.jpg" width="80x80">

Because it is a single page application, you have to go from the index.html to your assets. It has nothing to do with your folder structure in your src folder of the Ionic project.


Thanks bro … I Give Demo for Client …At that time Img not shown … on test apk

Problems Solved …its work

Again thanks bro