Image not appearing in Android App


Hello, i’m using ion-slides to show a basic tutorial of my App. So, i’m using some elements that are in a image and to show a part of image i’m using the sprite technique . I did the page based in my browser view and the final style in browser was:

However, i built the .apk (Android) and ran the App and the images didn’t apper. Can someone help me? I googled but didn’t find anything. Here is my CSS and .html that i wrote: pastebin

Waiting for replies, Lucas.


assets folder resides under the www folder. So try this for your paths to the images /assets/img/yourfancypic.jpeg



  1. path to image in html file: <img src="assets/img/pattern.png">
  2. path to image in scss file: background-image: url('../assets/img/pattern.png')


I have the same issue.
In ionic serve it is OK, but when I gor for ionic view app or build the apk. the images does not appear.
Thanks for any one can help us.


Let’s suppose you have an image file “myImage.jpg”. Copy this file to the folder ‘src/assets/img/’. Now you can use the path in 3 different places:

1. html file: <img src="assets/img/myImage.jpg">
2. scss file: background-image: url('../assets/img/myImage.jpg')
3. ts file: this.pathToImage = "assets/img/myImage.jpg";


Thanks for the reply pe1. I did this. Indeed it work when I run ionic serve in the browser, however it does not work when I build .APK or run into ionic view.