Need advice

Hi, i currently know vue.js and wanna learn a technology for building cross platform mobile apps. I want to stay away from react native as i do not like react and find it complicated. Also i am having problems connecting my phones to my pc so Flutter will not work for me, flutter has nothing like ExpoGo in react native.

I think i have 2 options, NativeScript and Ionic.

Does Ionic becomes slow when the app grows ?

Does Ionic or Native script generate apps like react native that can be uploaded to the play store or its just good looking apps in the browser ?

I do not want to learn something and then leave it to learn something else, also i want something to be compatible with vue.js, thanks for advice and help.

Why not download a few apps that are made using Ionic and test them… there is a list of such apps

Here is a list LINK

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Regardless of what software you choose to use, you are going to have to fix this. It’s simply impossible to do mobile development without being able to communicate between desktop machines and devices.

Whichever you wish.


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