What's in a name? Help Ionic choose a new naming scheme


With Uranium Unicorn, we only have a few more letters to use before we run out.

We could keep the element-animal scheme going, but there’s some letters that might not be possible a second time around. We’d like to hear your ideas. What naming scheme should we use?



God - Item

Thors hammer
Isis’ harpoon


How about in honor of the famous ionian atomist (though not founder of atomic theory) Democritus: [ionized molecule] - [greek hero, or king]


azide-ajax (of course)



I think you should use the electron on the atoms to distinguish the IONIC versions so for example the Hydrogen has one electron so that would be your first version then the second the next element that has 2 electrons .
VER 1.0

VER 2.0


How about colors from the palette?
Samples from colorlovers.com: Pistachio Gelato, Pumpkin Orange, Cobalt Blue, Limeade Crush. Millions of colors to choose from with equally colorful names.


Definitely the colors


Colors / Adjective + Place(City, Street, State (not country or a continent though)).

Eg: Beautiful Madison


You’re welcome.


Galaxy names maybe?

or their constallations:


Are all 26 letters of the alphabet necessary? Is skipping X Y Z possible for example? It’s tougher to find a ‘type’ with its members’ names starting with each and every letter…


How about types of Building Materials such as Wood, Glass, Stone, Ceramic, etc? And keep the animals going alongside.

building material-animal