I made new Ionic component

Hello guys, this is my first post in the forum :smile:
I made a directive for input text autocomplete: ionic-autocomplete
when the user focus the text input, an $ionicPopover appear with a list of items that the user can search, and he can select an item in this list to complete the input…
It still v0.1, just started making it today, here is the github link of the project https://github.com/sn0opr/ionc-autocomplete
You are welcome guys to contribute in this project :smile:


Hi, good work,

just one thing, did you mean to spell ‘ionc-autocomplete’ in the readme?

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It’s work fine, thank you

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Oops, yeah I meant ionic-autocomplete, sorry :blush:

Very nice! Might I suggest restructuring things to a bower package format?
This way you could install via bower or the ionic cli?

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Thx. I will do a bower package ASAP.

I made the bower package :slight_smile: , this is the first bower package that I made.
the package name is : ionic-autocomplete, I don’t know if the package is clean or not, can you please, contribute in the project and make it look better ?

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For sure, I can make a PR after the New years

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This would be great, thank you very much

Great work! However I must admit that you are probably reinventing the wheel here… There are lits of good autocompletion libraries out there already.

Nonetheless this is a great excercise.

What does everyone think of the ionic- prefix? Shouldn’t we leave that prefix to ionic itself? Perhaps you can do snoopr-autocomplete to make it specific and prevent ‘namespace’ issues.

Ionic guys use ion- as prefix. I liked to use ionic- prefix so we can know that is an Ionic directive no any other framework, like they do for jQuery, they name their plugins ‘jquery-something’