What's happening to hybrid apps?

Hello guys !

So as an Ionic developer, I keep track of what is happening in the hybrid development world. And I find something a little scary :

ReApp is down even before starting to be great : https://twitter.com/natebirdman/status/624303012362608641

Famo.US is down, and that is shameful : http://forums.famous-views.org/t/with-much-regret-the-final-update/102

Overall I feel a decrease in the original enthusiasm surrending hybrid dev. Even Ionic slows down, only 1 minor release since 3 months - I guess because they’re focused on Ionic.io services, but still.

What is your feeling about this ? Am I completely wrong, or is the React Native incoming pulling hybrid development under pressure ?

okay… reapp says nothing to me.

and the team member natebirdman left the famous project. but i do not care… heard nothing special about famous a looong loong time.

In case of ionic. They are working hard, but maybe not on the framework itself. Maybe they have focused on the backend-service finalization. Think about the Ionic-Lab Software which is now available on all main platform ;).

Keep your head up high… as long as so many developers will support ionic it will grow and gets better and better.


Every company/organisation/developer needs money to sustain. Even ionic and that is why they are working on various services.

There is only so much you can do in html, css and js that the progress will slow down a little. Ionic devs were focussed on releasing v1 and that is why they were moving fast so we used to see a lot of blogs & announcements but with v1, as very stable, they might have decided to focus on other aspects of the business. This does not mean that hybrid is slowing down.

I have read blogs where even the native developers have moved to hybrid development as they see the potential. I don’t think the industry will go the other way otherwise there would not be Cordova 5 out in the wild.

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I like what I read from you guys :slight_smile: Thanks for appeasing my turbulent mind !

Hey there!

We are in no way shape or form slowing down :smile:
From all of our services be working on, to ionic2 being developed, we’re working our asses off to make sure you all get the best tool and code out there.

So dont you worry @JerryBels, we’re not going anywhere