Facebook's React Native - Announced at React.js CONF 2015 - Discussion Thread

I would like to hear all of your thoughts about this. I don’t mean to draw attention away from ionic (in fact ionic is actually commended in one of the articles).

I am simply bringing this up because, let’s face it, we were all inevitably looking for something that is as close to native as possible. React Native is apparently all that we are searching for.

Prior to posting your thoughts, please read the following articles:

Facebook Conference Wrap up

A lucky attendee of the conference got to test it and gives his testimony


A quick introduction to react native:

I have an app with 200.000 active users. Must of then say the app has a bad performance. I am waiting to an evolution of the Javascript Native Mobile.

NativeScript - http://www.telerik.com/nativescript
TabrisJS - https://tabrisjs.com/signin
SuperSonic (Ionic UI like) - http://www.appgyver.com/supersonic
React Native - http://www.reactnative.com/
Titanium - http://www.appcelerator.com/titanium/

Please give more details regarding what “bad performance” is for you.

What features, platforms, devices, etc do your users have bad performance?

cheaper Samsung and LG smartphones with android 4.0 to 4.3

for example vice versa is working like 90 years old grandma in my asus zenfone 6

Does Crosswalk not solve the “old or cheap Android device” problem for you?

I hear that it does for some.

Or maybe there’s something preventing you from implementing Crosswalk, like local storage migration?

Looks awesome. Cant wait to try it.

But React Natives philosophy seems to be very different as to that of what Ionic is trying to achieve. Right?

My app uses some cordova plugins that is not compatible with crosswalk! :pensive:

I have tested Tabris today. It is on early stage but seems to be promissor. We can use Cordova plugin with it!

Hi, do we know the position of the Ionic team regarding React Native ?
Do they still believe in webviews that are still evolving or will Ionic evolve into native compilation from Angular ?

They seem to have a different approach. No running in webviews. Instead of write once, run everywhere where you have one single code base, their aim is learn once write everywhere, so you can write platform specific apps using the same language while being able to focus on that specific platform rather than trying to mesh multiple platforms together.

Hi @calebeaires,

Could you please mention plugins/ngCordova that doesn’t work on crosswalk build.