Is Apple shutting down hybrid apps?


I’m worried, I need advice from experts on this.


Is Apple shutting down hybrid apps?


There is absolutely no indication to that (besides this 100% unsourced and purely speculative video).

(His trolling seems to work though, if you look at the comments and this topic…)


This is entirely false and just incorrect.


Getting close to April 1st…


Annnnd it’s down.

As this isn’t the first time content like this has been posted/shared, let’s get something straight:

Any comments regarding Apple. iOS, or any Apple App development, do not believe them unless they come directly from Apple.

In the past, there was an tweet/post about an email. But the email was a screenshot and OP never provided the original email. From there it was easy to tell this was false and just trolling.

So, unless you get an email from Apple, or Apple makes a public statement, don’t believe the trolls.


Thank you so much for your time to clarify it.


I did hear rumors Google shutting down PWAs from Play Store in a few days from now…



I heard Android was closing after shareholders found out the company is run by an actual Android, hence the name. They were displeased, drew a bath, and forced this “gentleman” to bathe. You can imagine what happened next.

This won’t be made public for obvious reasons, but its totally true. I know someone that worked there so I’m privy to information of this sort.


Seriously? Can u actually disclose this while the stock market is open?


Yeah. I just bought a Samsung, so I’m immune to prosecution.


nahhh. you are just trolling me here @jaydz… Not nice :slight_smile: