Ionic Reaction

After extensive reading, trials and tribulations I’ve decided to ditch Angular. Unfortunately when I made this decision I’ve also had to make the implicit decision of ditching Ionic for now, which is a real shame.

I’ve decided to focus my energy on React now, since continuing down the Angular road seems pointless at this time, especially since it seems like a complete rewrite is inevitably pending, when Angular 2.0 hits.

I wish I could still keep using Ionic for my weekend project but the tight coupling with Angular makes this a none-starter currently.

I wish there was at least a subset of Ionic which is not framework dependent, and perhaps a developer friendly way to wrap Ionic components with any other framework, similar to the love Bootstrap is getting.

I guess my question is any of this on the Ionic team’s agenda? Are there internal discussions revolving around this issue?

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This is something we’ve been talking about a lot internally.
While the concepts that come out of react are great, react native just seems like a big step backwards.

So facebook has always had a love/hate relationship with the web and native technologies. But with react native, facebook is essentially backing out of the web stack.

As for angular 2.0, a lot of the concerns out there come from the botched announcement at ng-europe. The truth is that angular 2.0 isn’t finished yet, so there’s no way to know if you’ll need to rewrite your app.

With angular 2, yes there is going to be some code that will need to be rewritten, but it will be less than if you needed to rewrite your app in react :wink:

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I think the main idea is not the need to rewrite code. The key word here is “native”

@dortzur Hey man, how was the transition to React?

Do you still use Ionic? If not, is there something out there you’ve found that complements React when building a UI that mimics native?

Just really interested to hear your insights!

A year later, but this may still be interesting for some of you. I started porting Ionic (1.2 for now) to React, give it a try if you like:

Demo is here: