What stack/technology choose in order to build hybrid mobile app MVP quick

Hi there,

I am rather newbie with development of mobile apps (hybrid to be specific) and I am facing some problems if it comes to choose stack and technology.

Here are some high-level goals for the application.

  • User can login as child/adult (different views for both users)
  • Users can browse $words $vowels $collations (mix of words), $poems
  • User can randomize $words, $vowels, $statements, poems and mark as complete or star as hard
  • User can mark words, vowels, collations, poems as hard
  • A word/vowels/collations must contain:
  1. title
  2. type (mid-voice/out-loud)
  3. category (dentalized)
  4. group (s / z / c )
  5. level (hard/easy)
  6. link to video/recording of spelling
  • User can record voice and store recordings
  • User can browse $words, vowels, collations, poems marked as hard (like favourite)
  • User can browse exercises such as tongue, mouth, breathing exercises
  • A exercise must contain:
  1. title
  2. type (tongue/mouth/breathing)
  3. link to video (such as YouTube) or GIF
  • User can randomize exercises and mark as complete or star as hard
  • User can perform exercise on separate view and see himself with front-camera (view that shows the front-camera in bottom-left corner and video/gif with exercise centered)
  • User can browse speech terapists through 3rd Party (could be popup to website like https://www.sharecare.com/ )
  • Only registered and authenticated users should have access to the application
  • If a user has previously logged in, and they have an unexpired token, they should be automatically logged in when returning to the application

I was thinking about IONIC Framework and Angular for hybrid app development and Database (relational/no-relational) or 3rd party API (such as Strapi) and then just presence the data in app

What do you think would be best and why? The goal is to create quick MVP (2-3months) and get funding