Need advice choosing technoloty stack. (Ionic involved)


Note: This question is opinion-based, open-ended. But of course it involves Ionic and I really want your advice. I choose to post in an ‘uncategorized’ section. If this question should not be posted here, please let me know. I’ll delete it.

I need advice before committing to certain platforms for my next project(s).

My development experiences:

  • 5 years of native Android development
  • 1-2 Months of Python/Flask
  • 1-2 Months of PostgreSQL
  • 1-2 Months of HTML, CSS, Javascript

Now I need to complete 2 projects on my own:

  1. A used car marketplace where users can list their cars for sale. There’ll be some user account and commenting system but no transaction/payment processing.
  2. A novel reader/writer site. Users can post their novel and some images. Readers are free to read anything they want.

You see that both projects are very similar. No transaction/payment.

Both project requires me to develop:

  • Responsive Website for desktop/mobile browser
  • Android + iOS app

I choose this after doing some research:

  • Backend = PostgreSQL + Python + Flask REST API
  • Frontend(Responsive Website/Mobile site) = HTML5 + Bootstrap + AngularJS
  • Frontend(Android + iOS) = Ionic

----- QUESTIONS -----

Q1. Please recommend an alternative way that will save time instead of building the full stack from scratch. For example, Wordpress with Classified theme. Pros/Cons compared to building the full stack.

Q2. In case I choose to build the whole thing, I’d like to hear your advice/comment/better alternatives to my choosen tech stack above. Will you add/remove some tech and why? Or why should I choose Ionic over other competitors for building mobile apps for my projects?

Thank you.


Why do you develop a mobile app?
It does not seem you will use any device feature, so a responsive site would be enough.

Hi. Thanks for replying.

Mobile app is my client’s requirement. I bet they want push notification feature. =)

So what about the PouchDB/CouchDB?
I love the''); part