What should I do before submitting my Ionic 2 app

Is there any guide what to do before submitting your Ionic 2 RC.1 app to the appstore and google’s play store?

  • enabling prod mode (or is this done automatically when running ionic build …)
  • disabling console.log so a user can’t debug your app using chrome/safari (or is this part of prod mode)
  • anything else you should not forget (even though the app will run anyway)
  • anything that is related to cordova or angular and should be regarded when deploying an Ionic 2 app.

Please guide me to any documentation about that topic. I could not find anything for RC.0 / RC.1
There was a lot about that for Ionic 1.


Hm, I thought, that to be an easy, almost stupid question and was prepared for “appropriate” answers. Nobody any idea? Or is not answering the appropriate answer to the stupid question? :slight_smile:

I don’t think it’s a stupid question. I think it requires some research, which may be more difficult as Ionic 2 RC is fairly new.

here’s some stuff on prod mode

to disable the console, you might have to remove the plugin

just a note, be sure to setup your splash screen and icon

In the meantime I have released my app for android and iOS.

I used:
ionic build -release android --prod (after doing all the stuff with the certificates) and
ionic build -release ios --prod (however I think that was not really necessary since I opend the project in xcode after that and built, archived and uploaded the app to itunesconnect using xcode anyway. Archiving in Xcode should automatically switch to release-mode.

As of the parameter -prod: I still have no idea if that does anything at all…

For iOS it is important, that you must have a valid provisioning profile for production. I couldn’t use the development provisioning profile, I used for testflight-testing before.

As of console-logging: I did not remove the console plug-in or anything else, but nevertheless debugging is not available on the versions I get from the app / play store anymore. I guess, prod-mode or release does the trick ?!?

Safari debugging is in fact prevented by ios directly if you pack the app for production.
Not sure how Android handles that, never actively tested with android.